The Seventh Conference will take place
on 21th of April, 2012, in Kyiv

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For media-partners of V Conference of on-line game developers in Ukraine.

If you identify yourself as a MEDIA-PARTNER, lets start...

We offer you:

  • Placing a logotype (transferring to the to web site of media-partner) at Home page and in the section Media-partners with text description of your company;
  • Placing a logotype in the collection (digest) of conference theses, in advertisement materials and other associated documents;
  • The admission to the event is free of charge for two representatives of media-partners;
  • Enclosing distributing materials in the conference participant package;
  • Placing distributing materials on the tables of registration;
  • Placing a model\article in the final magazine of the conference (pdf format);
  • The possibility to exhibit low-ground banner (roll-up);
  • The possibility to place a brand-name upright of an edition in the conference hall;
  • The possibility to have an interview with the most outstanding representatives of this business segment.

You provide us with:

  • Placing the banner of the conference on the web site of the media-partner for a period of 2.5 months (March-April);
  • Placing the information in the section of the event, calendar of the developments (if there is a section);
  • Publications about the conference in news section (minimum 3 announcements, interview with organizers, article about conference summery);
  • Placing a invitation to the conference in the mailing of the edition (if there is such).

And everybody will be satisfied!


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