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on 21th of April, 2012, in Kyiv

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Subjects of the reports and round tables:

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Registration 9-30 to 10-30
Opening 10-30 to 10-45
Part 1 10-45 to 13-15
Section I MMO Constructor browser-based on-line games constructor

Is it possible to develop browser on-line game without budget of tens and hundreds thousand dollars? Is it possible to earn from a low-budget on-line game without a publisher? The answer to these questions is yes. Software for a browser game consists of big number of components that remain the same for different projects. Game development from scratch is re-inventing the wheel. If game components development is separated from game logics development and sent for outsourcing, if software improvement, mistakes correcting and servers administration are shifted over operator, budget of a project can be significantly decreased. Find out from the report about how a professional game developer can start own evening business and what risks possibly waylay.
Alexander Lorie (Joy Team) 10-55 to 11-35
Section II Attract and not let go

  • Proper spending of a few millions
  • How to estimate advertising efficiency
  • Calculate conversions and analyze
  • Depth and length of diving
  • "Do yourself" integrated systems of retention
Elena Svilogusova (MentalGames) 10-55 to 11-35
Section I Game design: criteria of quality

  • How to estimate quality of conception or game idea if you are not a designer?
  • Why is it important?
  • How to touch design, material media of design.
  • What are criteria for game design to meet?
  • CPSU - Clarity, Potential, Structure, Uniformity
  • Proverbial USP, which USP is correct?
  • "What is fun for a player "?
  • Project or product?
Dmitry Kolpakov (MentalGames) 11-45 to 12-25
Section II About marketing in MMO-games

The report is oriented towards small teams of MMO-games developers (up to 10 people), whose aim is to fill the place on niche markets without mobilization of external investment and to get the end product that will let the developers earn in perspective of 1-2 years and moreover that will prepare technological base for further games/projects development. Lets form a team of professionals able to create more and more mass and modern games.
Alexander Schevelev ( 11-45 to 12-25
Section I Design my pain and pleasure

Will share my thoughts when I consider design of a future game. Processes of ideas accumulation and filtration, base of references, tasks realization and estimating. As for the control over a project major things like sketch, ncept art, promo art. Mistakes and hits of typical stages in a visual style creation by example of released on-line products. My understanding of the lead artists role in projects. Bullet points of process of ideas generation in head and methods of the ideas transfer directly into game by example of game characters line-up creation. Art forecast as significant stage of work over the visual design.
Valery Orlov (VALART Sturio) 12-35 to 13-15
Section II Increase conversion, average cheque, and repeat payments number Sergey Gavrilyuk (Xsolla) 12-35 to 13-15
Lunch Break 13-15 to 14-00
Part 2 14-00 to 18-30
Section I and II Tendencies and perspectives of the on-line games market (round table) Sergey Orlovsky (Nival Group), Vitaly Khit (Absolutist, Valery Orlov (VALART Sturio) and others) 14-00 to 15-00
Section I New settings

Creative settings: is the game worth the candle?
  • Setting and its role in the game world creation.
  • Setting: what it can and cannot. Goals of setting.
  • Main methods of approach to choice of setting. Problem of egg and hen or from where to start.
  • Overused settings or whats common between Wow and McDonalds?
  • Creative settings: swings and roundabouts. CRPG as dreams fulfilment. About innovations and sense of proportion. Requirements overlaid by setting.
  • Hand down the zest to a player: how to expose and sell setting to a player. Short about initiative.
  • What is worth thinking over when setting is under creation:
    • dreams, once again
    • desire to explore new world
    • continuity
    • RPG as a possibility to look around
  • Creative settings by example of Sky2Fly: blamestorming. Steampunk.
  • Caps and shirts: shortly about franchising and merchandise.
Lev Podurets (AIVIK) 15-10 to 15-50
Section II Target advertising of games in social networks: How to achieve 400% profitability?
  • Why advertising may not work?
  • How to reach out to your player with the help of tiny image and couple of words?
  • How to pick the right client and not pay for the wrong?
  • What to choose demonstrations or clicks?
  • How to increase rate of reversing and CTR?
  • How to make idle bonus advertisement package from work ?
  • What is split-testing and what effective methods can be and must be applied?
  • 10 useful advices that will help to increase efficiency of your advertising.
The report is oriented towards on-line games developers who wish to learn to independently promote their games through the social networks.
About the reporter. Dmitry Molokanov has 11 years of experience in marketing and advertising. He devoted last 2 years to the direction of on-line games. Dmitry is the marketing director of Digital Partners publishing company, where he helps independent developers to promote their games. Will be glad to share his experience.
Dmitry Molokanov (Digital Partners) 15-10 to 15-50
Section I Theory and practice of browser games mobile version making. Vitaly Khit (Absolutist) 16-00 to 16-40
Section II Description of different platforms for social games launch
  • Ready to launch the game?
  • Game as independent platform
  • Game in social networking
  • Game on other platforms
  • Experience of development and promotion of the World of Pets game
  • How the attendance is attracted
  • Monetization
  • Photoworld social-entertainment net.
Alexander Frolov (Photostrana) 16-00 to 16-40
Section I Cross-platform development in HTML5: smartphone, pad, computer.
  • HTML5 for games, when and why?
  • Cross-platform development
  • Use of foreign libraries and engines
  • Making of native applications with the help of Phonegap
  • Rivals of HTML5
  • Perspectives of the technology
Yuri Dobronravin (Logicking) 16-50 to 17-30
Section II Monetization and browser MMO promotion secrets from Ars
  • What is aggressive sales
  • Greedy administration: swings and roundabouts
  • Image or money?
  • Balancing on the verge
  • Investors wish for money, players whish for freebies how not to ruin the game with monetization
  • How to satisfy investors and players
  • What the players are ready to spend money for?
  • Pleasant expenses and unpleasant ones
  • How to become the best game of the year
  • How to promote a game from scratch

The report uses the My Lands game as an example (
Arseniy Nazarenko ( 16-50 to 17-30
Section I Peculiarity of social games development in Unity3D. Myths and reality. Dmitry Galyak ( 17-40 to 18-20
Section II Payments or affiliate marketing? What really matters? Gate2Shop 17-40 to 18-20
Section I and II The best browser game #ConfOG award ceremony 18-20 to 18-30
Close party for the participants
18-30 and to the point of exhaustion



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