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on 21th of April, 2012, in Kyiv

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Mental Games operator, publisher and developer of multiplayer on-line games of different genres.

The company has started working in summer of 2010 and from the beginning got down to eager activity in the on-line sector of the games market. After a half-year of the company existence, much work has been done. We became participants of the first-rate game fair China Joy, started localization of several on-line projects, and signed a memorandum of cooperation over a whole number of games with big Chinese developer - the Snail Game ( company.

At the present time, we have one successful project free on-line strategy War of Empires ( - launched. Two more projects the browser-based role-playing game of new generation Dragon Spirit and big client on-line game Kung Fu Legends that received 4 awards on the international game fair Chine Joy as the most expected game of 2010 (according to data of January 2011) are on the closed testing inside of the company.

But, for fair, our pride is the projects of own development. In spring 2012 we are going to release large-scale project in 15 languages of the world itll be client role-playing on-line game with new game engine and console graphics, free-to-play. Working title of the game is the Black Gold. Also, two browser projects and many casual games for social networks are in hammering.

The company name Mental Games shows the essence of our work, its intellectual approach to handling, release and development of our multi-player on-line games of various genres in Russia and CIS countries. The company team are young and creative people, complete fans of what they do, and first of all - real experts in the on-line games field.

We work only with the best on-line games and game companies worldwide.


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Xsolla (Xsolla Group Inc.) is a global reseller of virtual currency and goods, which cooperates with world developers and publishers of on-line games: Gameforge, Bigpoint, burda:ic, Nekki, InnoGames, Travian Games, Wargaming, Golden Worlds, Koramgame, iJetMedia,, etc. Operating payments in more than 500 on-line games and having integrated more than 150 payment systems, Xsolla implements individual payment solutions that allow their partners to successfully monetise. Xsolla shows solid growth of turnover by 100% per year, which is more than 50 million players all over the world.


The Conference deals with marketing problems of the companies that participate in it. The value of the vent is in its narrow target business audience loyal to everything new, important and interesting on the IT market. If you have something to share, to announce or to make our participants interested in, choose category of sponsorship (from the list below) or just contact us:

Tatyana Crauze,
Director of Art4Art Entertainment

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone.: +38-067-504-98-52, +38-044-209-77-58
Skype: tanya_zoloto

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